Practice Areas

Rayboun Mulligan, PLLC helps individuals and businesses resolve legal problems in the areas of Real Property Law, Title Insurance Law, Business and Employment Law, Association Law, Construction Law, and Mediation. Our firm is an approved agent for Fidelity National Title Group, and we close real estate transactions for individuals and lenders, whether residential or commercial, and for new loans or refinancing of existing loans. For our clients who need litigation services, we have the experience to effectively and efficiently prosecute our clients’ cases to conclusion. Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience throughout Florida, and will gladly explain more about what we have done and what we can do for you.

Below are just a few examples of the services Rayboun Mulligan provides to its clients:

Real Property Law

We represent individuals, realtors, lenders, and developers faced with claims or litigation regarding contractual obligations to buy, sell, or develop real property. Our attorneys have experience representing lenders in residential and commercial foreclosures. In addition, we help individuals and businesses in litigation to determine rights in real property, and as an agent for Fidelity National Title Group, we close residential and commercial transactions for individuals and lenders alike.

Title Insurance Law and Litigation

Our attorneys have extensive experience as outside counsel to title insurance companies. Our team possesses the skills and experience necessary to efficiently resolve title defects, and we frequently represent insured lenders and owners in litigation to resolve such defects—including suits for mortgage reformation, mortgage reestablishment, equitable subordination, suits to determine lien priority, and suits to quiet title. When possible, our attorneys also attempt to resolve title defects outside of the courtroom; we prepare documents to cure the title defects, find the parties necessary to cure the defects, and have the corrective documents executed, without the need for litigation.

Association Law

We have experience providing services in the realm of Association Law. We have represented associations in a wide variety of actions, ranging from collecting unpaid dues and assessments to enforcing covenants and restrictions. We represent both association boards and owners. We also represent neighbors and owners with claims by or against an association.

Business and Employment Law

Whether you’re an established business, are just getting your business off the ground, or are an individual employed by a business, our attorneys can assist with your business and employment needs. At Rayboun Mulligan, we frequently aid clients with contract review, preparation, and litigation. We also help our clients resolve disputes surrounding non-compete clauses. We have represented both individuals and businesses facing Fair Labor Standards Act issues and are experienced with representation of both individuals and businesses in Workers’ Compensation Act litigation.

Civil Litigation and Mediation

Whether you are a business or an individual, we have an expereienced and professional team ready to represent you in your civil litigation matter, whether before or after a lawsuit has been filed. Additionally, Michael Rayboun is a Florida Supreme Court certified mediator, and can put his 15 years of civil litigation experience to work as a mediator for most civil litigation matters.