Rayboun Mulligan, PLLC’s founders, Michael C. Rayboun and Patrick J. Mulligan, were classmates at Wake Forest University School of Law. After graduating in 1998, Mike and Pat looked for the opportunity to create their own firm based on their shared understanding that putting clients’ legal needs and goals first is paramount to success in the legal-service industry.

In 2010, Rayboun Mulligan, PLLC was born. At Rayboun Mulligan, we understand that potential clients in today’s marketplace have drastically different expectations from clients of past decades. Second only to top-quality legal service, today’s clients are primarily concerned with cost certainty.

To accommodate our clients, and to attempt to reduce the fear and confusion that all too often accompany opening a lawyer’s invoice, we prepare budgets for each case and offer various payment arrangements, including flat and contingency fees in appropriate cases. We have found that this allows our clients to stay where they belong—in the driver’s seat.

With offices in Florida and North Carolina, we are ready to talk about how we can best help you meet your legal needs and goals. Contact us today.